AQ-200endoscop system


Full HD Optical Endoscope System


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AQ-200 Full HD Optical Endoscope System


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Laser transmission

Transmission with little loss and more stable image transmission

Laser transmission technology (i.e., digital optical transmission) of AQ-200 is high-speed and reliable transmission without little loss.


Wireless power supply

Wireless power supply refers to a power supply mode that electricity is first converted to other
energy and then to electricity. The AQ-200 system is under non-radiative wireless power supply,
and wireless power supply is achieved based on the principle of magnetic coupling resonance.


1080P60 megapixel rendering

HD display, true representation, clear insight into slight changes

Pixel regeneration, detail presentation

Relying on a 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor, the AQ-200 may provide HD endoscopic images, and can process and output 1080p images with a single frame rate of 60Hz and a pixel resolution up to 1920x1080P in internal circuit.

CBI Plus compound band imaging

For diagnosis and observation of precancerous lesions

The CBI (Compound band imaging) technique takes full advantage of the absorption characteristic of hemoglobin towards specific wavelengths of light, and makes it possible to introduce color (optics staining) to blood vessels and superficial fiber structures by emitting compound light with wavelengths of 440nm and 540nm. Relying on a new CMOS image sensor, the close-up images are sharper and clearer.

Radio frequency identification RFID

Quickly read the doctors' individual preferences

The AQ-200 system additionally integrates RFID technology. According to the doctors' operating habits, it can support the individual mode and one-click card swiping, quickly read the doctors' customized key setting information, and reduce the time of the doctors to set an instrument, thus effectively improving the work efficiency.

Lightweight handle

Effectively reduce fatigue caused by operation

We need to consider the functions and operating experience of the handle during long-term use.
In consideration of balance functions and experience, Aohua has designed a much lighter handle
for the purpose of effectively reducing the fatigue of the doctors after long-term use.

Dual-image display

View CBI and normal images at the same time

The AQ-200 system supports dual-image display, so it is unnecessary to switch back and forth between normal light and CBI mode, and can simultaneously view CBI images and white light images in real time, which makes it easier to compare and identify the lesions and improves diagnosis efficiency and accuracy. It is provided with 26-inch super-large medical monitor, with better dual-image display effects.

USB storage

Copy full HD pictures and videos

USB integrates photographing function and recording function, and can be connected to a
keyboard so that characters input by the keyboard can be displayed on the screen.

  • Photographing

  • Recording

  • Keyboard

Brand-New Motus 3.0 image processing platform

  • Higher data processing capability

  • Highly modularization

  • Full-digital image processing

  • A variety interfaces

  • 10-fold

    Operational capability

  • 5-fold

    Memory bandwidth

  • 8-fold

    Memory capacity

  • 1 1
  • 1 1
  • 1 1

Make endoscopic Diagnosis and
Treatment more popular and convenient

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