FHD-GT/CLgastroendoscope series

FHD-GT/CL Gastroendoscope Series

FHD-GT/CL Gastroendoscope Series

Full Hd GI Endoscope


Compared with CCD technology, Cmos technology has outstanding advantages in power consumption and reaction speed, etc. Its performance is particularly prominent under the low-light condition,

Lightweight handle
Easy to master

In the long-term use of the handle, it must consider its performance, but also consider the light and convenient. Aussie endoscopic balance function and experience, designed a more lightweight handle, can effectively reduce the fatigue of doctors for long-term use.

All-in-one waterproof plug

High-quality master hose

The master hose is made of new material, and has excellent elasticity and degree of lubrication. It features good elasticity and large rigidity, and is easier to insert, which effectively reduces the discomfort of the patients and assists the doctors to insert and remove the endoscope.

145°Wider field of view
Everything is visible

The rigid apex is short, and the insertion portion has a smaller bending radius, which makes it easier to access and observe the cardia, fundus , gastric angle and other parts for observation. 145° vision effectively improves the visibility and makes it easier to identify the diseases.

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